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Thread: Beyond audio problem solved

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    Default Beyond audio problem solved

    Greeting, all;

    Cross-posting from the Pango Forum here, to help out any Beyond users with this little irritation.

    Here is a crude fix if your computer won't connect to audio in your timeline for FFT. My system (Win 7) only sees audio feeding the mic input.

    On Aug 28, 2015, at 12:57 PM, Aaron McDonald <> wrote:

    Hey Mike,

    That is the correct Audio tab; it appears Windows is only allowing access to the mic. You may be able to kick windows a bit from the main sound properties in the Control Panel but in the instances I have tried I have not had any luck with the PCs I have seen this with. To me is seems like some sort of Windows limitation that I have, as of yet, been able to circumvent with setting adjustments. Our Development team has stated their code is enabling everything it can access. If you have any luck please let me know.


    Being ignorant of matters Windows, I took a brute force, external box approach: take the stereo headphones out signal, run it through a summer/fader, and feed it back into the mic input:

    Any electronics guys out there are encouraged to improve upon the above; I just threw together some parts from my stores and it worked.

    Built it into a box from my junk drawer:

    In place:

    But then I need a means of getting my audio to the PA - easily done via a USB interface like this:

    This also gives a much, much better sound; the internal laptop sound board has terrible sound, as my house composer pointed out. (He threatened to mutiny if we used the laptop sound to mangle his exquisite compositions.)

    Works a treat.

    Hope this helps...Mike
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    Most Windows devices have a stereo mix audio input device. It might be disabled by default. You can put it as your primary audio input device and most programs will then use this input instead of the microphone. Don't know if it works with Beyond though.

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    I believe there should be an internal way of connecting to the Direct Sound drivers using OpenAl as a bridge. This is what Creative did when Win 7 1st came out with a solution for the Soundblaster line of sound cards called Creative Alchemy.

    Couldn't assist any further on the programming side though.

    Might be worth a look.

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