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Thread: Lumia motor pulley system

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    Default Lumia motor pulley system

    Greetings, all;

    For me, I can never get my lumia going slow enough. Research continues, but here is a means of dialing down while ramping up.

    I have long been a champion of these motors:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Available in a variety of speeds, 2RPM is the slowest I’ve found.
    Still too fast.

    Soooo, you rig it into a pulley system with a ~3:1 slow down:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pully1_1407.jpg 
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ID:	48731Click image for larger version. 

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    Pulleys are available here:

    They also sell the 5mm hubs shown attached to the disk above.

    The disk shown was cut from 1/8” plexi with a laser cutter, then smeared with epoxy.

    The support was machined from a 1” x 2” section of aluminum angle iron.

    This gets you pretty slow, but to crank it down further, I use a PWM speed control:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PWM_1411.jpg 
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    Available here:

    Dirt cheap (<$10 with shipping), tiny, works a treat.

    I hope this helps some Lumiators out there.

    Will add to Lumia Wiki when it is back up.

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    Nice, thanks! I'm looking into building my first lumia, and this helps greatly!

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    Getting some parts together to make one too, saw this you might like, have ordered one to try out, will keep you posted....

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    Interesting thread. I'm working on a lumia box as well. I'm driving the wheels with cheap 12 DC motors, and I'm driving the motors with spare GM-20 amps I have in my projector. This way, I can control the speed of the motors to an extent, and since my amps are bi-polar, I can reverse the rotation.
    For media, I'm using scrap shower door glass I talked the local glass shop out of. Glass shops usually have broken bits and scraps of all sorts of patterns laying about, and sometimes they will just give you some when they see what you're doing (bring a laser pointer)
    I bought a 4" dia diamond hole cutter on Amazon for about $10. You need a drill press to cut the circles, and you have to build a little "dam" out of modeling clay around the circumference of the cut. The dam is then filled with a little water to cool the diamond cutter. Keep the cutter wet all the time, and DO NOT TRY THIS WITH A HAND DRILL!!!! You can then use a Dremel diamond drill (also in the drill press) to cut the mounting hole using the same clay dam/water trick
    I'm a little leery of plastic, since I have had them burn when hit with powers over a watt or so.
    To select colors, I am going to direct outputs of 4-5 diode lasers of different wavelengths onto GM-20's with mirrors mounted to the shafts 'a la scanner. The individual beams will be walked across a row of pick-off mirrors (soldier mirrors) that direct the beam(s) through the media disks. If I get the layout right, I'll be able to get the individual beams through one or several of the wheels. That's the theory, anyway.
    I'll post photos as I progress.

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    I'm looking into building another lumia soon. I have a bubbled glass light fixture I found at a hardware store and I'm looking at using these.

    The goal here is to maintain a shallow lumia box with a vertical projection onto the ceiling. They only provide a 2:1 ratio but with a gear reduction motor and a PWM controller like the ones you linked they should still work well.

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    I just bought a couple of these...

    They are quite small at 46mm X 32mm X 26mm
    with high torque.
    With PWM on the DC motor I should get this to go
    down to almost a dead stop.

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    Those of you looking for glass media might want to check out They sell stained glass supplies and have a sample box of various stippled glass for about $30. I've heard that there are a lot of useful samples, but they are only 2" x 3". Too small for my project, but a lot of folks might find this useful.

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