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Thread: Cheap Halloween foggers

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    Default Cheap Halloween foggers

    Greetings, all;

    For those PLers in the US, you may have noticed that Spook Night is approaching.

    This means that various stores are now stocking Halloween props, and many of them are selling cheap foggers.
    I've seen them at Krogers, Home Depot and other hardware stores.

    This is an opportunity to pick up a small cheap fogger for bench use.
    Mostly I see the equivalent of the Chauvet jobbies, for a bit less than usual.
    The secret is to wait until just before or just after the day to buy: these go on steep discount after the buying season.

    I bought a nice unit for $17 from Krogers last year; works a treat on my bench when I'm aligning projectors, etc.
    Pop-up temporary Halloween stores also carry these.

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    Here in Canada, walmart sells them for $30. If you go early on November 1st, they slash all spook prices 75%. Last year I bought 4 units for $30 total, and a ton of fog juice for $1 per quart!
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    If you clear them with distilled water after use, they last a long long while. If you don't clear them, they may clog and I have NEVER been able to resurrect one of these guys. If kept clean, these are a great deal for testing purposes!
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    I've used Froggy's Swamp Juice in all my foggers for the past 5 years or so, and since I switched I've never had a machine clog on me - even after sitting for up to a year. The stuff is just that good!


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