Hi Guys

I have some Cambridge CT6800 galvos for sale. I have 10 Pcs. tested and working, mounted with 4mm (or is it 4,5) aperture high quality broadband mirrors and cables, with DB9 connectors that matches Jmlasers raytrack amps, among others. Most of the galvos are the OEM type with soldered connections on the galvos. They are in good condition, and have not seen a lot of use.
Will try and take some more pictures of them, as i pull them from my working projectors.

Price for all 10 units: $1500 + shipping.
Only sold together, and priced to sell quickly.

If the buyer is interested, i can include another 2-3 galvos in unknown condition.. one of them received a small splash of cola, that unfortunately ended up in the bearing - it might be possible to clean it out - the other one(s) i dont remember the status of.
I probably also have a few mounts that i can include, + a jig for holding the galvos while glueing on new mirrors, to make the mirrors perfectly aligned with the galvo shaft.

Any questions, please ask here or by PM.

Thanks !
Best regards, Simon

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