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Thread: Reproduce Show from BEYOND cue

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    Default Reproduce Show from BEYOND cue


    I have a showtime with different tracks
    assigned to different projector zones. Works fine on Showtime but when I export
    it into cue, the projectors zones show the same and not individual like in
    showtime. How I can solve that?

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    Instead of exporting to a cue:

    From the Beyond timeline, use the "import Showtime show" option.
    (I believe that's the name of the menu option - I don't have my laser laptop with me at the moment).
    You'll want to import the complete, original Showtime show.

    This should bring the Showtime show onto the Beyond timeline with with all the Showtime tracks intact.
    You will probably need to go into each track in this Beyond version and reassign all your zones, but that should only take a few minutes.

    Be sure to save this as a new complete Beyond show -
    You'll wind up with the original Showtime show, and a completely separate new version that works directly in Beyond.

    One thing to keep in mind with Showtime shows -
    If it is a secure show that is locked to a specific Pangolin QM serial number, that same controller will still need to be hooked up and available to Beyond, since importing the show into Beyond does not drop the security feature.

    Also, I'm still running the earlier pre-release version of Beyond, where the one version pretty much did everything.
    Once you start using the current release of Beyond (which I haven't used yet), the import capabilities are only available with certain versions, so you'll need to check and make sure the version you're running actually supports the Showtime import capability.
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    Thank you a lot!

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