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Thread: New open-source lasershow software under development (LaserDream).

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    Laser Warning New open-source lasershow software under development (LaserDream).

    Hey folks,

    I've started working on an open-source, cross platform laser show software I'm calling LaserDream. Looking for alpha testers and collaborators.
    Right now it only supports the EtherDream DAC, but I'm open to adding support for other DACs in the future!

    The goal of this project is to create a cross-platform desktop GUI for music-reactive live laser performances. Eventual feature goals:

    • Interactive pattern designer for beamshows and target-zone effects
    • BPM auto-detection from line-in or microphone
    • Beat-based pattern generators
    • MIDI/OSC mapping for control surfaces
    • Live 3D preview of stage
    • Multiple laser support

    You can download the 0.0.1 alpha release here
    Includes a detection screen, a simple demo, and an interactive calibration module.

    Project source is here

    Let me know what you all think

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    I can help with beta testing and suggestions. I know some programming but not in the language you use, however I've done 3d programming so I can give suggestions there if you'll need any.
    Very interested.

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    @"but I'm open to adding support for other DACs in the future!"
    It would be good if you could include support for the Riya USB to Ilda adaptor DAC!
    I think this is currently the cheapest/smallest/simplest one available.

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    I am interested in supporting this project, I do not have any experience with angular (or javascript for that matter) but I can help with testing (I do have an etherdream and small projector). It would be great to see a fresh piece of software to replace LFI Player with added support for timelines and an audio track (and the ability to not be run on windows xp).

    As far as supporting stuff like the riya, it probably would not be impossible to use the drlava's 'open' dac interface from although it is unclear if that project is still being supported (as far as I know it was never published anywhere so without support from the author it won't be easy to add)

    It would also be neat to build in support for the new IDN 'ILDA Digital Network' standard The standard seems somewhat complex to implement, but with any luck there should be more projectors starting to support it soon enough.

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    sigh... I'll never be a programmer. Much of this stuff goes right over my head but, I'm looking for a simple English translation of what it is you intend for this software to possibly do. If... and that's a big if... I'm understanding your first post correctly, you are trying to create a program that will essentially "listen" to music being played and generate laser show effects in real time based on the music being played? So, for example... you set up your computer, turn the microphone on and by listening to the music for example that a DJ is playing, the program will "perform" a laser show, generating it's own waves, tunnels, fans etc., based on what it's "hearing" and do it in time with the song? Essentially a robot laserist?
    Yeah, I'd be interested to try it but, I don't know how much help I would be in offering to solve issues. Of course, if that's not what your trying to do, then a dumbed down description of what it is would be nice.
    PM Sent...

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    I'm a developer (javascript/node, c#) and I'm interested in helping out. I am pretty new to lasers so right now I only have a chinese clone of x-laser's mobile beat, but I don't have a dac or ilda cable. I do have a dmx dongle (ultra dmx micro) but pretty sure that is not sufficient for what you want to do.

    Is there a way I can help without having a dac? I probably can't buy one for a while, but I have time right now.

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    posting to keep track. sadly i don't have a clue about programming, but I have been looking for a programm with bpm detect and ideally midi cue triger
    "its called character briggs..."

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