Dropbox link here - big though.... 91.5Mb unpacked 50fps, and not 'light'.

Finished it a few days ago and I still enjoy it loads. Think I've taken on board a lot of what you guys said, but still learning my way around the package really - hope you enjoy. Trying to keep the variety of shapes in each show down on purpose fwiw

Appreciating more how there are many different types of show, substantially divided by where you watch them from. This one definitely to be watched on a screen of some sort.

Tried making one intended to be sat in at full power with a central safe zone the beams never ever hit which is kinda fun, but is the one I'm still tweaking due to the point rate issue in another thread so not ready yet but hits a joyous 2001 end-sequence level of mental. Gotta be a fun category to explore there