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Thread: First 'real' laser - need some advice

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    Default First 'real' laser - need some advice

    Hi all, a friend suggested I sign up here to ask about this.

    I'm looking to purchase an RGB laser and control system together for about 1000. In the past I have used a much smaller scanner designed for DJs ( with a smoke machine (will replace with a haze machine at some point) to create laser effects however they are getting quite boring, plus that projector has some *major* alignment issues with the beams. I'd also like to start playing around with creating shows, think of me as a "hobbyist on a budget".

    I had been looking at this in particular: , it + pangolin or phoenix4 would set me at almost exactly 1000 (they have a deal this laser + phoenix4 and save 100 euros). The videos of it I've found are very impressive, and I love the idea you can create any color with it. However, I don't want to make impulse purchases and regret them later, so please let me know if this isn't what I should be looking for. For example: Would buying the DS900 and a professional haze machine be a much better option? Is it better to buy this "cheaper" laser, then save up for a 3W KVANT laser or something like that, instead of going half way between budget and actually good.

    I am looking to use this in my own home, as well as in small venues here and there.

    PS. Does pangolin/phoenix4 support use on more than one computer?

    EDIT: Had a good discussion on IRC. Will probably buy the DS900 + pangolin or other software, then build my own more powerful laser in the summer.

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    Looks like you are off to a good start Benedict, I personally built my own RGB laser projector 'started out as a $300 budget' but I soon learned that it is a great hobby to be in, but also expensive. From what it seems making shows in your own home you won't need something super powerful. Looks like you are off to a great start, however with those cheaper projectors they will probably have more blue power than red or green so your color balance will be more weighted towards blue instead of getting a nice white balance if you have equal power levels on all your lasers (i.e. 200mW R, 200mW G, 200mW B) instead of (100mW R, 100mW G, 400mW B). That's because blue is much cheaper in terms of Watts/$

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    Hey! Check this one:

    Attachment 48928

    638nm Red 500mW + 520nm Green 500mW + 445nm Blue 1W, PT-30K.
    Good for club beam show.

    Let me know if you have interesting in this one.

    Thank you!

    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

    Laser system: Pure Diode 3W & 6W RGB Laser.

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