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Thread: ILDA members?

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    Default ILDA members?

    so who is a ILDA member?

    I know Banthai is, but who else
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    As soon as I feel worthy and can get the fee up... or when the fee doesn't get put towards more equipment...
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    I have been a member for a couple of years now .... but due to a job commitment in Thailand and moving house out there later this year ... Lasers have now taken a back seat (until i complete the move that is ).... so i dont really have any benifits of being a member at the moment

    For anyone doing shows Profesionaly and for commercial gain, being a ILDA member has many benifits .... first of is selling your services to a customer ..... A venue or event are more likely to hire you, if you show them that you belong to a profesional organisation,

    ILDA can help with any legal issues, and have great advice on safety.

    also not forgetting the ILDA conference, the last one i went to in italy was great, made some great friends, and it was 4 days of LASERS ... include new products, workshops, nonstop laser shows. and nice to see some of the shows from the big boys like LSE and LOBO

    Joining is not too expensive to become an individual Member ( hobbyist / non commercial ) is $125 US dollars a year
    and Corporate ( for commercial use ) starts at $250 US a year

    Bill from pangolin has been a Board member for the last few years, so maybe he can outline the benifits to guys like us here ....

    DAVE ..... I just seen from the ILDA main page that you and Adrian have just become ILDA Corporate Members .... good on ya mate

    all the best ... KARL
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    Do you ILDA members have any input into the ILDA file standard? I really think that the intended frame rate and/or pps should be included in the file. That would take some guess work out of dealing with them. It would also be cool if cue times could be added so that they can be synchronized to audio or whatever. It seems like every laser show package invents their own way of doing that and that kind of sucks.

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    Pangolin has been an ILDA member since 1990 or so. I agree with others who have indicated that if you are a laser professional, you should become a member of ILDA.

    As for input to the file standard, I recommend that anyone interested in ILDA Technical Standards first become an ILDA member, then become a subscriber to the ILDA Technical Committee, and then (if interest continues) become a voting member. This process is similar to other organizations such as ESTA for example.

    However, I will caution anyone about wanting to set the world on fire... That's not how "design by committee" works. I worked in companies that participated on SCSI and IDE/ATAPI standards, and also participated a bit in DMX-512 standard. Its always political, a compromise, and a slow moving process.

    I remember when Craig Nelson wanted to become a voting member. He attended a single ILDA Technical Committee Meeting and changed his mind... citing that he didn't realize just how political and slow moving it was...

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