Would it be helpful to have a place to keep colour set-up frames and how to use them? I've searched loads but found only snippets of information here and there. I'm curious what other ones there are - greyscale tests etc that people have made or use. Apologies if any of these are copyrighted/restricted, genuinely clueless if (or why) they are

I only really have two:
JM Colortestpic_quicker.ild
This is the JM Laser colourtest file, but with the external box removed so it displays more smoothly.
The colour lines should fade evenly all the way to meet the line at the end, which I didn't find easy at all - dropping the master output level lets you check it's smooth all the way down. If you're out of the linear range of that colour then you'll hit max brightness before the last section of the line and colour fades will be uneven and cross-blends off-colour. Fiddly. Can't get my camera to take a nice pic of this one

Colors 1.ild
This is the ring of coloured circles, I'm not sure what it's called.
I found this great for alignment, checking beam dimensions against each other and the bias/gain/balance. There are also two 'white' rings in the middle - only the one on the right is actually white and the other is overlaid rings of dashes of colours that add up to white. The circle on the right has a tiny tiny tiny gap in the ring which should be just visible and not coloured at all, the one on the right decays into dashes of different colours if the bias is not set correctly. Can't get a photo of the tiny gap - it's position moves depending on scan speed and blanking shift, I'm not 100% sure where it 'should' be
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Is that right? Any others people use? I have one called grayscale.ild with lots of red rings on it, so I'm not sure I understand that one but it's here if someone can explain what I'm meant to do with it: Grayscale.ild

Hope it's helpful