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Thread: Superbowl 50

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    Default Superbowl 50

    Man, I had not watched NFL football in two years. Superbowl 50 was awful.

    OK, Coldplay can do no wrong, and Coldplay uses a lot of lasers in their shows. So the half time show was OK, especially the LED abstracts... Poor choice of song for Beyonce...

    But all the digital imaging, three D replays, and the constant delay of game was excruciating. We spent far more time watching the sidelines then actual game. Since when do you get to continuously second guess the referee?
    Don't get me started on the commercials... Only thing that came close to being good was Chitos and Jeep....
    Who cares if the ball touched the ground, he caught it and still had possession of it. Replays from six angles was overkill.
    Kudos to the players who almost made the kickoff return, and the guy who jumped the pack for the touchdown.
    I turned it off at the end of the third quarter, a Swedish Cop show on PBS was a lot less boring, and a lot more real....
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    LOL. I just got finished reading on another forum where everyone was ragging on Coldplay for being a lame band. It's funny how different groups of people can be totally different on things.

    I watched up through the 3rd quarter and knew how it was going to end. I was right. It was a pretty sorry display from both teams, except defensively, which is always boring.

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