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Thread: I won a talent show with my hackjob projector!

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    Default I won a talent show with my hackjob projector!

    We held a talent show last Friday at Genesis House, it's a club house for people with mental illness, I am a member and volunteer there and was asked to bring in my laser equipment, i scrambled to get my graphics projector to work, I only got it work with a blue diode laser and project only the demo's on the show card that i have, my second projector a Lissajous projector i built with GS 310 open loop galvo's that are literally driven from a small power amp for car audio(the output from the amp is differential). it's a mess too but i never built it to display to any one but myself, as an experiment a while back I mounted a single mode blue and red to it and combined the beams with dichro's i got from a scraped out Sony LCoS TV. I mixed a signal generator with a microphone for it's display
    I know it's not that impressive but had an unplanned application, since this is all open I was able to show people how these things work. I operated it at a lower power and kept people away from it but was still able to show how we mix the beams to get white so it was more educational then for show, I had a lumia projector i built sitting on the floor behind me as well.
    At the end i ended up winning a stain glass fish one of the other members made.
    I wanted to write this and thank you guys because none of that would have happened with out the helpful advise and parts that you guys have provided to me over the time i have been a member here.
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    Glad to help...
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