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Thread: Looking for micro RGB units

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    Default Looking for micro RGB units


    I have been away from lasers for a couple of years (making music!) but now I have a project that requires a very tiny RGB laser module, are there any for sale now that everything got smaller/cheaper/better? Power between 50-25 mW maybe?
    Looking for kits, ready made units or reasonalby priced custom builds.
    Size need to be considerably smaller that the eBay white lights like this:

    This is all a bit vague I know but I want to see what is out there, I saw some nice builds for pointers but nothing for sale.


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    Check this thread: I may have a few laying around if you are interested.

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    I still have one in service. A MAJOR bitch to align but once done its still done three years later. ZERO drift. Fortunately he aligned mine for me. I blew the blue and had to replace that. Took a bit but not impossible.

    LOG I have an idea even if it triples the price. Add a linear screw adjustment for each axis. worm gear I think it is called. I'd be interested in a few more of those setup to take 9mm diodes. It would be real handy to add a spatial filter and beam expander on the end.

    DTR had a rgb bundle I think it is still around. That will do what you want. Don't be fooled. that 100mw whitelight is very bright and the beam is super tight single mode.

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