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Thread: Cameo Ioda: any knowledge about it?

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    Default Cameo Ioda: any knowledge about it?

    Hi there,

    Recently I bought a Beamz Cronus RGY laser with an SD card. Beamz is a brand of Tronios.

    On the product page on Tronios site it says: "Over 100 incorporated effects and supplied with SD card and software for programming your own text and patterns."

    In the product manual which can also be found on the site it says: "Attention1. This system only support FAT32 file system. If you use a new SD card, firstformat as FAT32 format.2. This system only supports short file names. File name (incl. folder name) has amax of 8-bit file name and 3-bit extend name. File name and extend name canonly contain letters, numbers and underscores.3. SD Card should not contain other files. It can support 100 folders max. Everyfolder can store 255 files max. etc"

    What can one deduce from here? That you can use other SD cards to load animations in .ild format so that the laser can play them without the use of an ilda interface. Far from the truth: the laser does not recognize any card bigger than 2GB. These are almost extinct now. Furthermore, the laser does NOT recognize any FAT32 formatted cards, only a clone of the original card. I took the laser at the Romanian company I bought it from and we tried several brands of cards of different sizes; none of them worked. Nota bene: I am not talking about recognizing an .ild file of an "x" version, with an "x" file name. The laser cannot see the cards at all apart from the original ones. I attached the mailing I carried with Tronios, their answers are kind of hilarious.
    Of course I have returned the product and vowed not to buy anything from Tronios, since they are liars and do not stand by their products.

    Lesson learned: stay away from cheap chinese SD card laser, the ilda interface is the way to go.

    After that experience I decided to buy an RGB laser around 1000 EURO. I will use it in small rooms (up to 100 sq meters) for small parties (up to 100 people). So the laser has to be analogue to be able to set safety zones. I want to do animations as well as atmospherics. For Romania, Thomann has the best prices and also the extended 3 years waranty + 30 days money back. Laserworld is out of the question (I've read about all the problems they have and the poor support), Volkslaser has slow scanners with only 25kpps and 30 degrees angle. That only leaves the Adam Hall Cameo Ioda series.

    Now the question: does anyone knows about Cameo? Are they reliable, good built, do they respect the specs, what brand of galvos do they use? From what I can see in the product specs and pictures the galvos are 30kpps ilda at 8degres with a maximum opening of 60 degrees. The exterior finish quality looks fine, they use Neutrik Powercon, 637nm red and 447nm for blue. So they look more professional than Laserworld. I know that 1000 euro is not much and that a professional laser starts at around 2000 euro but I still have hopes.
    I wrote a question on their Facebook page and this is the answer I received:

    Q: "Hello, I am interested in buying the Cameo Ioda 600 RGB laser. Can you please tell if the power specified is measured outside the window or inside the projector? Also, can you please specify what kind (brand) of galvos are you using? Thank you"
    A: "Cameo: Hi Dany, the power is made up as follows: red 110 mW (diode)/637nm green 120mW (DPSS)/38nm Blue 400mW (diode)/447nm. The scanner system is a proprietary development with full 30kpps at 8 degrees Ilda. Hope this helps wink emoticon"
    That means it has a 630 mW total power before optics.

    Any info or suggestion is welcomed.

    Thank you

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