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Thread: SDL-820 Manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NobleGas View Post
    Before you start tweaking the PID settings, check that you're not trying to exceed the delta T rating of the TEC and that the TEC drive current from the SDL 822 is sufficient for the TEC you're using.
    Thank you for the advice. I was trying to check the drive current from the SDL 822 for the TEC. To do that I switched on the SDL and then tried to check the current and voltage from the respective pins for TEC with multimeter. It shows few mA and few mV. In the manual I checked that if there is no thermistor connected then TEC drive voltage limit will be set to zero. How can I check the current then without connecting the thermistor? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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    A few comments -
    I can confirm that the 824 is a 10a unit. Internally it is constructed like an 820 (in fact the firmware reports that it is an 820), but it has a 8v/1A dc output, the interlock has been rerouted from the rear panel to the front panel connector, and there is a mystery pair of pins that are routed to the front panel keyboard (likely related to remote triggering).

    one thing to note - the TEC controller is unidirectional, cooling mode only. It will only output voltage if the measured temperature is below the setpoint. There also do not appear to be any provisions to set the controller gains. Furthermore, the gains are set pretty agressively, so it will oscillate if trying to cool a significant thermal mass with a high power tec. Works great when cooling small lasers.

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