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Thread: Where to buy DT40s

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    Exclamation Where to buy DT40s

    My professional friend in Arizona (Laser Wizardry inc) needs some DT40s for a new pair of 1 watt CNIs, our new Merlin series projectors. Who do we order then from? Who has a good reputation and a fast ship? Can we go straight to the factory? Is there a US dealer?

    Steve Roberts

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    Hi Steve;

    There is a user here on the forum that you can order them from. His user ID is "jian725", and yeah, he's *THE* Jian behind the DT-40 galvos. However, he's in China, so reponse time might be a bit slow.

    I got my first set of DT-40's from Rick Gebhardt at Laser Illusions, but that was over a year ago. Still, you may want to contact him and see if he's still distributing them for Jian.


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    Hi Steve,

    You might be interested in the PR scanners we sell. I would say the PR and DT are 2 of the best scanners coming out of China.

    Or another option would be the JMlaser scanners which use the DT galvo, and a custom driver board by JM...
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