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Thread: Laser Pointer 'Public Information' Video

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    Default Laser Pointer 'Public Information' Video

    Public Health England have made the following video available...

    Laser Safety

    - Laser Show Safety Training & Audience Scanning Workshops.
    - Effects Assessment, and Realtime MPE Measurement
    - Pangolin PASS System Integrator

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    i wonder how many people will follow that, i know i would not as in regards to throwing them away, i know what my lasers can do if not used correctly used, i.e aiming that aircraft or other people. one place i volunteer at i let another person use the laser and promptly took it away from, i told this person the correct use and he seemed to ignore me so i took the device away from him to never allow him to use again, he had the attitude that it was handheld and then in his "mind" safe even after my instructions he must have thought safe to use, i key locked it and never let that moron use it any more.
    back in the day of 5 mw HeNe lasers i had to do the same thing, the moron aimed it at a security camera in our dorm and it did damage the camera, after a few choice words he never had access to the laser any more it was the legal 5mw here in the states but it still damaged the security camera, it ended up with permanent lines that never went away. so now i only trust people that are trained with pistols to operate my lasers, and that corrected the problem
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