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Thread: HGM Spectrum K3 Argon Laser Information

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    Laser Warning HGM Spectrum K3 Argon Laser Information


    I am looking for information about a HGM Spectrum medical laser and virtually everything on the internet in anyway relating to HGM is either on Sams FAQ on on here, so I think this is my best shot!

    I have recently picked up a HGM Spectrum "E003-100E-K3-WI" laser, which is a typical argon medical laser (water cooled and probably not a pure output / designed for pulsed use) - It is rated at 3W pulse though.

    I have a bit of experience with medical lasers in the past (well, acquiring them / plugging them in / oohhing and ahhing for a while etc), and saw this and thought it would be nice to play with a visible wavelength laser for a change. I have fired it up, checked the water, defeated the fibre launch port limits and the case interlock and it seems happy enough but shows E-01 after around 10 seconds. I am also struggling to find any information about the foot pedal connector on this. It has a 14 pin connector with 8 wires running to it - I found this : which I thought would be the answer to all my problems however I have no wire running to pin 12 and it seems un-impressed with my bridging any wires in there - I cant see it having that many interlock loops in the footpedal, are some of the pins a comms port for debug?

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience with the K3 series, I just want to see if it lases or if the tube is fubar! I have seen reference to removing to computer from this and about issues with loosing the closed loop feedback for the PSU, though I can't see any optical feedback on this at all? I presume the pilot on this is the argon tube idling also? I was hoping to get a nice HeNe out of it like the last YAG medical laser I had, but alas it seems to not be the case.

    Attached is some photos - any pointers / information / schematic (!) would be great!


    - Al

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    Do you have the footswitch? Also there is an interlock switch when the case is open.

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    Alas no footswitch - that is my main problem at the moment is a lack of knowing what pin does what in the footswitch connector... I spotted the case interlock - that cuts the mains to the whole thing. It is suitably stimulated for the minute.

    - Al

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