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Thread: Upgrading from Quickshow. Have questions.

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    Default Upgrading from Quickshow. Have questions.

    I'm finally in the market to upgrade to Beyond but there are so many different paths and options that I'm not sure which route to go. For starters, I should say that I just applied for my federal variance and I have plans to get my New York certification this year so my plan is definitely doing paid performances. Currently I only have one show projector (Lightspace 6W RGB) but I would like to add more to that as soon as possible (a year or two might be reasonable). Anyway, I currently have Quickshow with an FB3 and have considered just upgrading to Beyond essentials for now using my current FB3. Are there any concrete advantages to using the QM2000 for small scale shows or is it comparable to the FB3? Also, should I seriously consider LivePro or does Beyond offer enough to get my feet wet while I feel out the local market and get some experience doing live shows.Currently I'm not in a position to make the jump to Beyond Ultimate. Buying Beyond Advanced would come with LD2000 but it would wipe out my savings account. To sum it up, I'm wondering if it's worth taking the plunge to Beyond Advanced and getting LD2000 or if I should just stick to Essentials for now and also how seriously I should consider LivePro. Finally, are there any reasons to make the hardware switch to QM2000 or should I just stick with the FB3. Thanks for any input.

    Edit: I forgot to add that I do have an Akai APC40 to control everything with.


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    Stick with the Fb3. For sure.

    If I were you I would start with essentials. You can jump to Advanced later for just the cost difference between them, no extra fees.

    Feel free to give us a call at the office tomorrow and talk to Aaron or Justin and we would be more than happy to figure out what combination will best meet your needs!
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