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    Hello guys, does anyone has some experiences with these diode chinese laser systems from

    Thank you for the references. Best regards Zbysek

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    Don't know anything about them except I think the Asians are getting better at the machining quality of their cases. Now the issue is more about what's inside. The one spec that concerned me was the 1.7mR divergence on the model I looked at. That either means they're actually pretty honest or... it's really not that great of a beam. (Or a touch of both.) I think some companies claim it to be much lower than it actually is. I'd be curious to know their prices but, the web site isn't helpful in that regard. You have to sign up for the web site to put anything in a cart but, I didn't sign up.
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    Hello, Club5000 red combined with 2x700mW 638nm Red, the divergence is <1.7mrad.
    520laser marketing at Club show.

    If you need more details and the prices of the projector, please sent me an e-mail:

    Thank you!

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    My friend in the EU has over a dozen of these projectors. He really likes them. Components are phoenix technology. He says the are comparable to his lightspace units in build quality. Unfortunately they dont import them to the USA

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    Apologies for necroposting a little, but I bought the 520laser Club 2000 (on the advice of masterpj, who I think drm916 might be alluding to above) and thought I'd drop a quick review here.

    The sales and customer support folks give good advice and are quick to reply. I was amazed at how quickly they shipped my laser. No hassle at all and it got through UK customs with no issues.

    The build quality is excellent. Solid metal chassis, connectors and switches are good quality, the safety loop is very securely bolted in, and the carry arm is nice and solid too so you don't get any wobble from vibrations. Fan isn't too loud either. The galvos are decent. I can get perfect results at about 22Kpps, and the error margin doesn't get too bad until about 26Kpps. Infinitely better than the previous "20Kpps" laser I got on eBay with which I couldn't get more than about 5Kpps without wild distortions. I haven't done any beam coherence measurements but it all seems pretty good to my untrained eyes.

    My only complaint is that the colour modulation can be a bit weird. It's a log analog modulation but sometimes it's way off, particularly with browns and oranges (you'll either get bright green or mid-red). I know this is a general limitation of RGB lasers due to how overwhelming the green is, but I'm generally more bothered that the outcome (green or red) is apparently random. This might be a firmware issue, I don't know.

    Overall I'd say it's a good entry-level laser. The galvos are good enough that you can do some good graphics with them, and they're unlikely to disappoint on beam shows unless you're looking for really high quality colour reproduction (in which case stop looking at cheap lasers!).

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    520 Laser = Lightspace's B-brand. No nonsens decent build projectors. (They are both owned by the same company). 520 got the same decent build quality. Just the beam quality is a bit lower --> Higher divergence like 1.5 mrad instead of 1.0. And PT-A30 30kpps instead of lightspace's PT-A40, 638red instead of 637. and for sure a lot cheaper.
    For beamshows that's fast enough and decent.
    They just launched their new model 10W RGB System. Looks like a great unit to me.
    One complaint; they work with Moncha. So you can buy those units with Moncha card inside or just normal ILDA in/out. There is no option for FB4 but for low end users that doesn't need to be an issue.

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