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Thread: iso good mirror mount.

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    Default iso good mirror mount.

    i need an adjustable mirror mount.

    i need to mount it in a certain way.
    what i'm actually doing is upside down so i'll describe it as if i am building it flat on a table.

    laser head mounted bottom down,flat on the table.
    attachment point for the mirror mount is an upright plate with mounting face parallel to the beam.

    desired effect is to mount the mirror mount on this plate and bounce the beam 90 degrees up.(from table to ceiling)and then fine adjust to hit target.

    one member mentioned mm1 clone mounts

    (edit)o.k,i looked at pics of the mm1 and it looks like it must be mounted perpendicular to the beam.

    i need advise as much as i need to buy.
    which mount from thor labs or elsewhere will do what i described above? (edit)

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    Default found some.

    thanks cruch for the message re mounts but i found the rest of the old mirror modules i had in storage. the one i had had sloppy threads but the others are firm and stable enough for what i need.
    though not super precise,these have the advantage of having exactly the geometry i need for the only mounting angle i have in this case.

    i would have just deleted this thread but when i went to edit,no delete option came up.

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