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Thread: new diode build advice

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    Default new diode build advice


    is one m462 enough for the 1W green?
    Any recommendations on red to match?

    Design is for graphics. Like to have 3mm beam at scanners. Ok to clip beam for better quality.

    Thinking 4 500mw mits red with spatial filter in center of cyl lens setup/waveplate and cube.
    IE edge two diodes->cube/Edge two diodes-wavelate->cube --->cyl lens one/spatial filter/cyl lens two--->out

    Is 2W (more like 1.2W after all correction) going to balance the green and blue?

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    I'm going to build the same setup but without spatial filtering(my projector case is already done and it has small footprint for optical setup ~130x140 mm)
    1X M462 (>1.6Amps for 2Watts)
    2X DI 1W 520 (PBS'd)
    4X Oclaro edge +PBS'd (will try the 3 element lens for first i have plenty of them)
    All diodes will be corrected with cyl lenses at adequate AR coating.
    I appreciate any suggestion also.
    6W full diode RGB
    2X 4W 462-520-638
    4W 520 nm
    Beyond 2X FB3
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