Hello everyone
Im not hanging here much these days but thought I would post some details of my latest line of ILDA boards that have been very popular with the PL crowd.
As many of you already know this board helps make your projector compliant to the BS:EN60825 standard and previous versions have been used widely in US for projector variance. It provides interlock circuits plus emergency stop function and output for Emission LED. The E-stop circuits can be connected together so that many projectors can be operated from a single stop.
The new board is a family of products called ILDA board S4. S4 refers to Stanwax Solid State Shutter which along with a relay to control the mains power to the projector (as per previous model) and a set of relay contacts to control an electro-mechanical shutter (on S4p & S4i versions see below) provides 3 means of stopping laser output in the event of a stop.
The three verions of the board are....
S4p - panel mount board 100% physically compatible with the old ILDA baord (v1xx) and will swap out directly (with addition of an extra power connection as S4 requires split rail supply)
S4i - is a dedicated internal board for easy location within the projector and is electronically identical to S4p but has extra headers for Power & Status LEDS
These two boards also differ from the old board by having buffered inputs for XY RGB
S4FB - is designed specifically to work with Pangolin FB4. It fits to the rear of the FB4 and provides stop functions and interlocks when used with an FB4 inside a laser projector or in a standalone housing.
All boards have user programmable start up timer (0-60 seconds)

I have put together a couple of videos that relate to the boards which can be seen here



and manuals for all three are available now on my main website www.stanwaxlaser.co.uk under downloads.

These are available now from stock on my webshop.


Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask here or by email


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