While not a laser item, many laser hobbyists would like a small scope for setting up the projector etc. I bought it for fieldwork after traveling on planes. You know, find out if the scan signal is really making it down the local guys 3oo foot cable.

While the larger Vellemen scopes are OK, the pocket model is a step backwards. The resolution is about 5 bits,or less, although the A/D is 8 bits, and when you change ranges, the 8 bit part really shows up, ie change ranges 3 times and a known 8 volt DC signal shows a 24 volt label on the display. Hard to get it to sync properly. Next time I'll buy a USB scope and use the laptop or borrow a CPU. Nice concept, nice packaging, but the 64 x 128 display was a mistake. It claims to do all sorts of Db measurements etc , but in reality they are useless. tends to lock on high DC signals in AC mode and offset the AC signal on the display. Bad programming, and a shame as often Velleman makes a decent kit.Yes I did reflash the software,hoping it would fix things but no such luck.

Steve Roberts