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Thread: Queen - A Kind Of Magic converted LA Studio show

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    Default Queen - A Kind Of Magic converted LA Studio show

    Another cool old LA Studio show converted to Beyond 2.8 format.

    Converting this one had me scratching my nuts for the longest time. The original mp3 audio file was crap and had some bad spots in in. So, I decided to get another good copy of the music. Easy enough, but then no matter what I did, I could not get the timing even close. If I got one part right, other parts the timing was way off. I could not figure wtf was going on. The actual music had to be the same length I thought. After umpteen hours of screwing with it, it dawned on me to check and see if the old and new mp3's were the same music length. Nope! The old mp3 was 4 seconds shorter. Put the new mp3 in Sound Forge and shrunk it 4 seconds and holy crap, it all lined up!

    I think the original mp3 was recorded off vinyl and was not as accurate in song length as it should have been. And the pops were actually scratches.

    After a day of fussing with a mismatched mp3, I think I have it about as close as the original. Timing seems a little off in spots, but it's the same in LA Studio.


    Queen - A Kind Of Magic Beyond 2.8 show

    Queen - A Kind Of Magic Beyond 699 B15 show

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    Video looks great. Can't wait to see it on a projector tonight. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!
    Eric in New Orleans

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    This is awesome. Thank you so much!

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