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Thread: Help understanding this Chinese manual

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    Default Help understanding this Chinese manual


    I am totally new to lasers but have access to two brand new Chinese RGB lasers with DMX in and out, ILDA in and out and SD card. I want to use the lasers to playback animations on my house during my "lights to music" Christmas show this year via dmx trigger. The manual that came with the units is too vague for me to understand. I know what IDLA is and what a .ild file is, but there are other files in this manual, that are not explained.

    Apparently this manufacturer uses iShow for their products. I do not intend to use iShow after reading many posts on this forum. I may use Laserworld Showeditor Free or some other free/cheap programming software, as all I want to do is create (trace) animations and/or use "off the shelf" animations from whatever source.

    Can anyone interpret these instructions:

    ●Preparing SD card files:Create a “PESLASER” folder, then create “ddrfiles”, “ildfiles”, “Playlist” folder in “PESLASER”. For example
    (folders) ddrfiles, ildfiles, Playlist

    1.Put the ishow ddr format document in “ddrfiles” folder. (Caution: The name limited 8 character). For example
    (files) Heping01.ddr, Heping03.ddr, Heping03.ddr
    Note: You could create a new folder for saving DDR format document, but the folder name limited 8 character.

    2.Put the ild format document in “ildfiles” folder. (Caution: The name limited 8 character ). For example
    (files) laser01.ild, laser02.ild, laser03.ild
    Note: You could create a new folder for saving ild format document, but the folder name limited 8 character.

    3.Put the eff and pla format document in “PlayList” folder. Eff and pla format can edit by notepad. For example
    (files) EFFEC000.eff. EFFEC001.eff, Playlist.pla
    Edit effect1.Put new ild or ddr format document in “ildfiles” or “ddrfiles” folder.2.Copy a EFFEC000.eff-> Paste it-> rename it (for example: “loves001.eff)->edit it by notepad

    Composed by four partseffect number + file path + time + effect, see below:

    (1) Time in seconds, for example TI=5, play it 5s.(2)That have night effect: RO(Rotation Z),HR(Rotation x),VR(Rotation Y),HB( Position X),VB(Position Y),SI(Scale),DR(Visible point),BE(Scanner rate),CO(Color).Note: The character “,” and “()” must be use.Add the effect to “PlayList.pla” list

    Thank you in advance


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    After I gave you the instructions, I thought about it and decided I shouldn't have done that. I can't in good conscience help with illegal lasers, so I removed them. The comments below I left.

    BTW, those lasers are most certainly not legal in the USA. And what you are planning to do with them, sounds unsafe and dangerous. Almost guaranteed those lasers do not put out 5W, but even if they are 3W, that's enough to do serious eye damage. If you were using those lasers in your closed garage, the USA laws do not really apply. It's not illegal to blind yourself. Where you cross the illegal line is when you have the chance to blind anyone else. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's a good starting place to judge if you are crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed.
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    I have no idea about the legalities of this or any laser unit but I have read the rules/laws/guidelines about usage which is why I intend to aim them from my front lawn towards the house where no people will ever be and no aircraft will ever fly.

    I never intend to scan the audience---ever. In fact my intention is to keep the animation on a brick wall so there will not even be a chance of reflecting.

    But with all that said, I am also not trying to pursuade anyone from talking about something they are uncomfortable talking about.

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