At one time I used to have a QM2000 setup. I traded it, but I still had all the Showtime shows. And since some were pretty good shows, I started converting them for me to use in Beyond.

So I have a big stack of Showtime shows all converted to Beyond. The ones I'm asking about are all either shows that came with LD2000 or shows from Show-Space. All I have done is changed them from Showtime to Beyond. No editing or changing anything.

Am I going to get an ass whopping if I share any of these on PL, or should I just keep them to myself? I'm all about sharing, but I don't want to cross any lines. Legal or otherwise.

On one hand I think I might cross a line I shouldn't, and on the other hand, Pangolin put the Import / Save As function in Beyond for people to use, right?