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Thread: Coherent Cube 660nm, diode replacement

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    Default Coherent Cube 660nm, diode replacement

    Just got hold of a Coherent Cube 660nm 100mW unit; it's currently outputting <1mW and interrogating it via the serial terminal shows fault code 2048, diode overcurrent, which the manual says means it's reached EOL and requires a new diode. The terminal reports it's run for 13800 hours, so I guess diode failure is highly likely.
    Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the diode in this without sending it to Coherent? What diode package is used?

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    They are a normal TO can inside, I think the 660nm/100mw ones are all 5.6mm. I bought one on ebay a while back with the same symptoms and took it apart, they are suprisingly full of stuff inside but the diode optics themselves are pretty crude and re-aligning it will likely require some custom jigs and/or very careful fiddling. You will also want to check the pinout of the diode that is in there since there did not seem to be an easy way to reconfigure the driver for different polarities or even different pinouts (the diode is directly soldered into a flexible PCB). Good luck! I was hoping to replace the dead red diode in mine with a green diode but got held up after realizing that they driver electronics seem to be fairly fixed purpose without any obvious jumpers or pots for making adjustments.

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    Like the Radius lasers before them the Cubes are not designed to be serviced; it is difficult to do anything to them. Paperweight.
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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