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Thread: Etherdream error handling?

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    Default Etherdream error handling?

    Hi, I'm developping realtime laser software using etherdream.

    I'm using etherdream and j4cDAC based library(ofxetherdream, ofxIlda).
    And I have a trouble that laser stopped within 1 - 10min with error.
    The error message is below:

    [26.957692] e7875c !! protocol error: unexpected data ack
    [26.958636] e7875c L: prepare ACKed
    [33.345310] e7875c L: st 1 om 0; b 0 + 4048 - 0 = 4048 -> write -2348 (<- repeat endless.......)

    This error happened by using my ofxetherdream project, and j4cDAC test code(

    I understand this error causes because of network stream, but how should I do in order to prevent this trouble?
    Is there guidelines for it?(i.e. max point, send interval, and so on...)

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    Hi, Did you ever end up finding a solution for this? I'm having a similar issue where this error occurs and the etherdream stops sending frames to the laser. I can't reproduce the error it happens randomly

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    No. We need to implement error check code.

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    Has any progress been made on this? I haven't run into this myself but I expect to migrate to OFX from TouchDesigner in the future.

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