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Thread: Building up a laser system, what is best choice to drive it?

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    Default Building up a laser system, what is best choice to drive it?

    Hi and thank you for support!

    Well, I'm an engineer but I'm pretty new to this world, I would kindly ask you to indicate me the good way to build a laser system in my club. Here is what I'm targeting:

    A 500mW laser that supports many effects, with chances to create/personalize them as I see in many videos, and as I believe there are some of them shared between community. Including (not that important anyway) the ability to write short text, and display logos (graphic support). It should be driven by DMX, to each effect there may be associated a particular DMX code sent to laser-system, I see no need to "program laser on the fly" like change the coordinations/dimensions, everything could be created before, with patience.

    For reducing costs (for example lasers with SD), time during developing (move the sd, and so on) and fulfill request I was thinking about this solution:
    1) A good quality laser with ILDA interface
    2) An adapter USB/ILDA
    3) A laptop that will drive always the laser
    4) An USB/DMX adapter to drive the laptop

    The idea is to place laptop near laser, control it by Teamviewer while realizing and store the effects, and use a software designer which can accept commands by DMX to switch between effects.
    May you kindly suggest me a software? And can you suggest a not expensive USB/ILDA and USB/DMX?

    Maybe the above solution is more expensive than this:

    Buy a ILDA converter (I read around about a project) that supports USB (or eventually ethernet, which is great because the laser is far away the DJ consolle) with a SD slot and DMX for controlling. In this case I do need a software which can drive the ILDA converter by ethernet, there is one?

    Other solution could be buy a laser with SD and DMX, but I need to buy an ILDA/USB and temporary place a laptop near laser to program it.

    Thak you a lot for reporting your experience. I'm quite disoriented, especially talking about software hardware capabilities.

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    I hope someone could kindly help me, thank you

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    Unless you have an extremely small club, 500 mW is not enough.
    Repost your request on the buy sell trade portion of the forum.

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    I agree with Steve that 500mW may not be enough unless you're just projecting green at a close distance since this is mainly text and logos. Many projectors that have a built in SD card are not particularly of great quality although, there are a couple that I know which are a little better than others. The issue always seems to be getting things written to the SD card. There is also a software/hardware solution that has an SD card built into the DAC (the device that allows the laptop to talk to the projector.) And that is Laserworlds ShowEditor 2015. The DAC itself is designed to be positioned right near the projector and connected to the laptop/computer via ethernet. That might eliminate the need for having the laptop near the projector and trying to run the laptop via DMX.
    In what part of the world are you located? I'm thinking your best bet really is to see if there is a member close to you that can come and help you sort out a solution. There is an awful lot of learning that needs to go into what you are asking, if you want to do this yourself and, it really might just be easier to have someone help.
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    Thanks a lot for reply, I moved topic here:
    I replied you there

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