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Thread: Who sells square waverotators?

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    Default Who sells square waverotators?

    Optlaser has 1x1cm square waverotator for green wavelength, but the red and blue AR coated waverotators are only 1cm diameter circles which can only fit around 0.7mm square beams.
    I have a project where I need to combine two fat beams and need a 1cmx1cm square waverotators for red and green diodes as well.
    Does anyone offer them?

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    If you call that a "half waveplate" which is its English name, you'll get better response from the search engines.

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    Thank you. Still, found results on eBay and the big optics companies but they are either circular or big circular which can fit 1cm square easily but because if bigger size are 5-12 times the cost of the $60 square waveplate sold my OPT (only available for greens).

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