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Thread: advice on scanner mirror thickness needed

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    It will do both micro and macro,
    Depends on the glass, its annealing state, and how its scribed. In other words, the Wild Wild West.

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    I see. Good thing I have a LPM now.

    Another related question I have. I need to make few 15mm x 15mm mirrors for beam steering. Should I go with 6mm or will 3mm be stiff enough?

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    It's not really an issue of stiff enough (beyond just ridiculouy thin...) as much as flat enough. (And is there so much power density that you need to worry about thermal effects.) With narrow beams flat enough is pretty easy, but as the beam diameter goes up so does the effect a lousy mirror has on beam quality at a distance)
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    These mirrors are sold by They are 1λ mirrors. That should be good enough right? Flatter ones are only available in 6mm thickness and 25mm x 25mm sizes.

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    What would you use to cut them?
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