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Thread: Wanted - Safety Shutter

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    Default Wanted - Safety Shutter

    Hi all

    Does anyone have a decent, good quality (and condition) safety shutter for sale?

    I guess something along the lines of an SH-10 would be quite good but i'm open to suggestions. This is pretty much the last thing that I need to get hold of to get my projector legal.

    Even if you don't have one for sale I would like everyone to chip in with what they are using in their projectors, I need to find out what is considered the 'standard' in shutters. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know where you purchsed yours and how much you paid - many thanks.



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    So long as it can move freely, and defaults to closed by spring or gravity acting on it, and can dissipate any heat safely from the beam shining on it, you're ok. Paint it black. The rest is down to the control electronics. A power MOSFET is a good cheap way to switch enough current to activate a solenoid. Making the shutter like a railway signal is one way to go, bolted on a bulkhead so it can move well. You might find something ready made, but it's just as likely you'll get better results by adapting something. The function matters a lot, but the form can be whatever meets the need.

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    I have always used GM20's as shutters and actuators for dichroics etc.

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