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Thread: DT 40 tuning

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    Default DT 40 tuning

    In light of all the articles here on these scanners , I am not impressed. I have taken note that they NEED to be tuned. I have searched and read of these being tuned for single ended ops. I am running them in symmetrical wiring setup and ISC is turned down to about 2 turns off bottom of tuning for that pot. I have full control of the signal as far as size, geometric correction, and image inversion through the software. It does function better than the 9024's but they are not tuned for the crispness that I know they can do. Scan angle is 12Deg. Is there a way I can tune them without a scope? Or at least a set of simple guide lines that I could get closer with them? I guess the next thing for me to get is a scope and begin a new learning curve. I am in this too deep to back up now. Any help will be gratefully accepted. And I have not moved any other pots......for now.
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    Here is a good page on tuning -

    If you are getting into lasers past plug and play, a scope is essential.
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