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Thread: When elbow grease just ins't enough

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    Wink When elbow grease just ins't enough

    I am finally getting around to building my second fogscreen. Since the purchase of my 3d printer, a lot of the custom parts that would have needed to be fabricated are now being built by the printer. Still though, I needed some good honeycomb material that wouldn't break the bank. I finally ended up with some 5052 aluminum honeycomb. It wasn't cheap but it didn't bankrupt me. Now, I could have had the vendor expand it for me but the shipping for said aluminum would have been almost as much as the product itself. I would save nearly $400 if I just expanded it myself. I looked up the process and figured it would be a piece of cake for me to rig something up. Wow, I was wrong. After trying several different methods... I opted for a vehicle to do the job. A come-along or a wench would have done the trick but I just didn't have one on hand.

    I don't think this is the proper way to do this!!!
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Name:	fogscreen01.jpg 
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    Regardless, the cells in the 60" section that I needed were perfect. I can't complain at all!
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Name:	20161006_205118.jpg 
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    Sweet! Can't wait to see it in action fog screens are awesome.
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