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Thread: Strange ilda pin pcb

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    Default Strange ilda pin pcb

    Recently I purchased a couple of second hand laser units off eBay which were supposedly 4w however they are no where near the stated output. They were relatively cheap so have decided to upgrade the diodes inside them to a 4w setup.

    I stripped the old diodes out of the units (these were absolutely shocking, really poor quality hobby style laser mounted stuff connected to a quaddrive 1) and attempted to install the lasers.

    I have done this with other projectors no problem as they had a pcb with 3 connectors for the ttl/ang cable to be connected to on the scanner boards.

    This particular setup is very different, it seems to use a stacked pcb design with the auto, dmx board mounted on the front of a single scanner driver board (rather than the usual single board for each scanner) the ilda in pcb is the strangest part as the board has small chips on it and the 3 x ttl control pins are mounted on this board.

    I hooked up the new laser to the 12v power supply, connected the diodes to the drives and hooked up the ttl/ang control cables to the pins they were on previously but no laser out put.

    Looking at how these were setup previously on the old diodes it seems that the 5v from the psu was being sent to the ttl pins on the ilda connector rather than the other way round which is extremely strange to me.

    Iv got some pics of the setup and I'm
    Wondering if anyone has seen these scanners before and how I can wire them, the best thing to do maybe to remove the ilda connectors and put standard connectors on however I would need a wiring diagram for these scanners and I ain't a clue what they are.

    Any help would be amazing


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    i think this is what you are looking for

    *edit* oops old post already, maybe usefull for someone else with the same problem. - Rental and sales of lasershow systems, parts and accessories

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