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Thread: Lasers, galvos, amps with a Pi.

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    Default Lasers, galvos, amps with a Pi.

    At work, I have been tasked with a project for displaying a rose pattern to represent "Tinkerbell", along with a lettered banner @ 50'-100'.

    We have succeeded with an arduino Nano/DAC/Bipolar converter going into a cheap Ebay amp & galvos. Then, we used a R-Pi to generate the pattern (Nano didn't like all of the math & was slow).

    Now, we are looking for quality amps & galvos for a full prototype.

    Due to reading this forum, I am leaning towards the Scannermax 506 units & the DSP board. If there are any suggestions on a better system for the money, please let me know.

    We would want to be able to feed the +-5V to the amp system & hopefully, control gain with outboard potentiometers to account for different projection distances on site & during the performance.

    After tinkering with the "Right angle calculator", I find that a range of .5*-15* will be needed with good accuracy. I have not seen degree ratings below 5* published anywhere.

    THank you,
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    You can contact me directly at the address below.

    The C506 is not easily compatible with the Mach DSP amp nor it it worthwhile. We have amps for C506 coming VERY soon - within weeks. But normally we offer this as an OEM scanner set and manufacturers pair with their own existing drivers, or hobbyists modify chinese scanner amps.

    The Saturn scanners are what is compatible with the Mach DSP amp, but we're basically at capacity with those and not really selling one-offs to individuals at this time, as we have large contracts with Laser Projector manufacturers and self driving car manufacturers who have purchased 98% of our manufacturing capacity. The fastest way to get a set of Saturn scanners inside a Kvant projector.

    Note Mach DSP has no pots on the board. This is all controlled digitally through a computer.

    Anyways, email me with info on your beam diameter and required waveform and frequency and such and I'll determine what solution will best meet your needs.
    Ryan Smith
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    Retracted ****

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