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Thread: Engraving anodized aluminum

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    Default Engraving anodized aluminum

    I'm new to engraving, but I want to attach a laser to my 3D printer to engrave anodized aluminum, black and other colors. What power and wavelength laser do you recommend?

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    ... here some rough numbers -- black and dark colours can be engraved with 405nm-diodes with powers of 500mW and more, or with the 445nm-diodes with powers of above 1 Watt ... best with focal distances below 30mm and focus diameters below 0,1mm.


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    If it is 462nm instead of 450 it is maybe 36/8 W diode which will make it the brightest 462nm and since 462nm looks a bit brighter than 450 it means just 7% less apparent brightness than the NUBM44, so very interesting if this is the case.

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