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    Went up to San Francisco last week to attend Photonics West, and pick up a new old laser for the Vintage Laser Archive. This is one I've been looking for since seeing one at the Laserfest exhibit in 2010. It's a c1966 Coherent Radiation Labs model 40, their first laser product. I only have the head, and it includes the umbilical but I had to remove that to properly clean away the layer of filthy grease covering it. A new product introduction from Laser Focus of November 1966 is also below to give the specs.

    The only other known example is the one formerly used by Art Schawlow that's now kept in a crate somewhere at Coherent. That was the one exhibited 7 years ago. The lead for this one was passed on to me by Bob Arkin of Holospectra. He thought he was going to get a Sabre laser head because that's how the crate was marked on the outside, but when they opened it, this head was inside. Major nugget for the collection!

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