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Thread: My Laser Light Show Projector Pics!

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    Default My Laser Light Show Projector Pics!

    Hi Everyone,
    Here's some pictures of my soon to be completed setup.

    This basically shows the arrangement I plan on using minus the mirror mount, 25mm optic holder for the dichroic filter and the red laser diode and driver. As for the two boards at the back, they will be mounted to an angled piece of aluminum. The one on the left is the program board selector with LED display and the one on the right is the DAC/DB-25 connection. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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    You've got a lot of stuff fitted on that small optical plate, but everything looks fine. You've still got room to add a shutter between the dichro and your scanners.

    In fact, if you move some of the components to the underside of the plate, you might have enough room to add a blue laser later on. Just a thought.


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    Yes, look very neat...
    Post some pic's of it in action?

    Look here

    Mine not so neat as yours...

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