Hello, I am new and I hope I am in the right forum on the right place ! :-) Sorry for my bad english!

I have an 20W fiber laser (YLP-1-100-20-20 with rofin controller )with the following behaviour:

- stopped working from one moment to the other
- no laser emission, red pilot laser works, so fiber seems to be ok
- no power consumption if I increase laser power (about 500mA consumption, should be about 7 A at full laser power)
- cant communicate with RS232 ( got signal on TD (RS232) but no answere)

My Questions:
- Has anybody the notice of the internal voltages between pin 19, 20 and 14? I measured 19 to 20 about 14 volts, 20 and 14 about 3.15 Volts?
- Has anybody had the same problems and solved it?

Best regards to all, holleClick image for larger version. 

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