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Thread: Mirrors glass and a disco ball? for effect (IDEA)

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    Default Mirrors glass and a disco ball? for effect (IDEA)

    Good morning Lumina peeps!

    I have been playing with some stuff, and I like this idea, here is a spin:

    In my overall project we have a 3x3x3 cube, that will be suspended 10 feet in the air on ropes.
    This cube is covered by white brodcloth for a medium to bounce stuff onto.

    This setup is very small. I have my little 2rpm motor, and my power supply already setup.
    I have some cheep lasers that were purchased for my primary project, but lack power. 500mw red etc.

    The idea here is to put a disco ball in the center, using the motor to rotate it.
    To mount said lasers in 3 corners of the cube (because that is what I have extra), use another motor and a glass (Lumina thoughts here) with some mirrors to focus them against said disco ball.

    Now I have never done anything like this, its just a thought that we have been kicking around for effect inside the cube.

    The cube was going to have some LED lights controlled by DMX with the rest of the project and a smoke machine, its still on the table, weight is a factor right now, were kicking around ideas.

    Idea in a nutshell:
    3 color lasers, 4 motors, 3 sets of lumina glass (small, 2 inches round ish glass) 3-6 mounted mirrors to bounce beams around, disco ball in the center for further bounce effects.



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    "Good morning Lumina peeps!"

    Lumia. Loom EEE Ah. Not lumina. Lumina is a Chevrolet.
    Lumia honors the guy who invented it in the '30's, Thomas Wilfred.

    Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

    Anyway, sounds like a neat idea.
    Be sure to post pix when you get it going!

    Runs with Lasers

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    You might consider a equilateral pyramid - that way the corners are perpendicular to the faces.
    "There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun." Pablo Picasso

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