G'day everyone. Newbie here, with a big question, and hopefully to contribute in the future.
So I've got a Chinese Cnc router (x61500gt) and works great. Does what it needs to with limitations. I've got a FLSUN Delta 3D printer. Same thing - works great for what I want it for though with limitations.

And now it's time for a laser cutter/engraver.

Purpose: engrave timber, cut thin timber (let's say 6mm max - pretty much things too small for the cnc router. And maybe cut Perspex.

So at first I was almost going to buy one of those $100 NEJE 1w laser etchers. But it's working area is 38x38mm. So while it would do what I want it for, I feel I may as well get something a bit bigger. So...here two examples of what I'm considering.

Has anyone used a similar laser cutter? Can you give your experience? I have seen videos where the 5.5w laser cuts ply with multiple passes. So I assume it's possible. But I've heard these diodes are overclocked to get that rating of power therefore shortening its life considerably. Would the 10-15w diodes be the same story? And I noticed the smaller diode sizes state they have adjustable focus where as the 10-15w diodes don't. Does that mean I have to adjust the height of the working piece rather than turn a focal knob?
Not too keen on getting a co2 laser. I'd rather stick with a small diode setup.

But over to you. Experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions? Slander? Lol