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Thread: "green beam" laser for political protest?

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    Pretty sure that's not obstruction. If I recall obstruction is when you prevent a government body from performing his duties properly while he/she is performing his or her duties, not preventing a situation where he/she would have to perform a duty. Eg. bother a police officer while he's writing a ticket for someone vs preventing a situation where the police would have to write a ticket. But I'm not a lawyer either.

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    A federal court struck down the flashing of brights to warn of a speed trap as a free speech issue, adding that if drivers slow down, it has a benefit to officer safety. However other warning methods (Signs) etc are not tested in court so far, and most states and many counties and cities have laws on the traffic code making it a violation to do so. So in that federal courts circuit, or jurisdiction, its legal, Yet three states away, its not.
    Warning of a sobriety stop ahead is probably close to adding or abetting, and our foreign friends may not know that most states/cities have a public nuisance law on the books allowing an officer to cite or arrest for minor things, until a prosecutor can be consulted. Basically, if in doubt, or if annoyed enough, a officer will detain you at a protest, and then let his superiors or a judge interpret the Constitution. Judges usually err on the side of free speech at most protests in big cities, however you may not be so lucky in certain small towns or down south.
    In my state, warnings like this are a current issue:
    Yet if I'm in New York state and I fail to turn on my amber flashing hazard lights while below 45 Mph on a public expressway (65 MPH or more), I face a big time fine.
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