Hello everyone,

This is hebe - a lovely girl from Able Laser.

I am wirthing this paper cause I personally curious about the laser display that you will need for your maket.

Of couse,we all know you choose the lasers for selfuse or hire or re-sell, which accoriding to the event scale.

But which point you will pay more attention to ? The price or the power used for high quality.

we sells middle power 11w rgb laser well in USA,UK and India.

The product tells the quality, one American client re-order 4units after received the first 12units 3 days later.

Also, we received the order for 3w-5w.Those all get very highly praised feedback.

Meanwhile, there are still need cheaper and cheaper laser, even they know it might used for few times then broken.

I am juts a newer for this industry, so I want you would help me to finish this search if possible.




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