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Thread: DT-40 or Scanpro30?

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    Smile DT-40 or Scanpro30?

    Hey, i am going to build my first Laser Projector. I have a 100mw Green DPSS Laser Module but cant decide which Galvos to get. I will proberly get a Easylase USB Card, but whats the best Galvos to buy? The DT-40 or Scanpro30? I am new to this.

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    The DT 40 pro units are nice....a lot better text than the widemoves...9024's. I gather they don't like small incremental movements. The DT units are very nice indeed....just wished they would work better at symmetrical inputs. I have both and like them...the DT's more and more as they are used. My .02 FWIW
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