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Thread: TARM4 V ClubMax 3000 FB4 V RTI FEMTO 3.5

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    most clubmax projectors also have quite an upgrade path for one there is a saturn upgrade and I bet there is a tolerance for them to put in a bigger module *to a degree* .
    There are some good laserworld projectors out there.. but so far im negative about a lot of it... their smaller projectors were very sloppy done when I was working some jobs for clients and got the opertunity to open them up.

    @Farbe something isn't right there
    turns on as low as 6% really.. and you should also take into account that modulation even on diode isnt proportional to its actual output. This is not a build thing.. the kore wouldn't be any different here.
    That extra percentage wont yield you better modulation at alll... it just means the threshold is adjusted differently.

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    To clarify an earlier post about minimum laser safety requirements...

    Manufacturers supplying laser projectors across European member states need to ensure CE compliance, for which the Low Voltage Directive requires compliance with all the engineering features, product labelling, and user information, as described in the Laser Product Safety Standard EN 60825-1:2014.

    The standard is very clear on how these features are to be implemented, and what wording shall be present on the safety labels that must be robustly affixed to the equipment prior to supply to the end user.

    Low-cost laser projectors offered on auction sites often tend to fail in compliance (and hence safety for the end-user), in many of the most basic requirements, such as no keyswitch, interlock connector, labelling etc.

    I’m not sure however why some manufacturers of more expensive projectors get the safety requirements so wrong still though, after putting the effort into making what look like nicely engineered products.

    The two most common failures I come across with higher cost manufacturers claiming compliance is no or incorrect labelling, and the lack of a PSU reset. Strangely though, there appears to be a belief that some sort of start up delay is needed for Class 4 lasers under IEC 60825-1:2014. Such a requirement is not the case.

    Quite simply, if the laser product doesn’t have the labels affixed on it when it is shipped. – not compliant. Likewise, if there is no PSU reset feature, it’s the same.
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    Alright - so the Femto 7 arrived yesterday and while i am unable to operate it just yet i can say that the build quality is fantastic. Quality control certainly has done the rounds on the unit. A very solid yet compact design with the main parts of the housing appearing to be made from alloy. I should be able to actually use and provide a bit of a review in the next few days as i am still waiting on a couple of parts. Note - i the unit came with the CT 6210 scanners and grating.

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    Hi any updates on your RTI 7W? Can you rotate the yolk/bracket 90 degree so the laser can shoot straight down from above trussing? I used Kvants this way recently and saw the bracket on RTI's seems short so only 45 degree tilt?

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