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Thread: My new laser show scanning score.... !!

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    Something's wrong with me, I have a sudden desire to edit a four track script text file, with lots of integer basic math and hook up what is in those boxes. Graphical Timeline Editors are for wussies....
    If I find time later in the week, I'll publish a show script or two for old times sake.

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    The Amiga lead in Delaware I think is a more expensive lead than others (He might be in NJ near Asbury Park, not 100% sure.) So I'm trying to go through others first.

    I will image the disks, but I also have a disk image from a working system used by Seaworld (default install I believe) so if the disks for some reason fail to work the other image may or may not. Not sure yet.

    The crazy thing is I had Amiga 2000s in the past but gave them away. I have 500s and a 600, but the 600 while it has awesome internal flash storage via CF card it doesn't have the expansion slot. The A500 had a different form factor expansion slot that may or may not work with a QM16 -- but also usually lacks hard drive storage (since the hard drive would use the same slot.)

    We will see -- hey there is like a week and a half to go... :-)

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    The Amiga 500's expansion slot is not the same as a true Zorro II slot like you have in the Amiga 2000. However, all the needed signals are there - you just need to re-wire them. There was a file on Aminet that explained how to do it...

    Alternately, if you can find a used Bodega Bay (California Access), Bus Converter (MicroniK), or Slingshot (Micro R&D), you can plug one of those in to the A500's expansion slot and then you'll have a true Zorro II slot (or several slots) to plug the QM-16 into.


    PS: Used Amiga 2000's show up on E-bay all the time for cheap money...

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