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Thread: Laserium complete choreographics show equipment/program/library/nubus

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    Default Laserium complete choreographics show equipment/program/library/nubus

    I have The COMPLETE Laserium Choreographics Program, (Sequencer & Tablet frame drawing) NuBus card in perfect working order, Ilda standard cables, all in a Working Mac Quadra 840AV, and included Art LIBRARY, including the abstracts.. Like the complete Kandinski show.., Mercury Blues, ..ect Even several years of Upgrade discs..

    FOR SALE. Make me an offer..
    For Pics
    Wingsnaprop @ Gmail or
    Dayton Ohio area code
    Too For 5
    To Too 57
    JayClick image for larger version. 

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    Last used in December for the Coen Brothers Christmas Charity play 'Nativity the Opera'. Blew everybody away.
    I'm old, moving to retirement village.. Reason for selling..

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    Laser Warning

    Quote Originally Posted by CHOREOGRAPHICS View Post
    I'm old, moving to retirement village.. Reason for selling..
    Totally appreciate this, and I while I am sure none of this was 'malicious in intent', Sorry, but it cannot happen, except back to us... (which is, actually, kind of a foul concept in-itself, really - buying-back our Own Show Content / IP, that Never should have been for sale out in the open, like this, to begin with, Srsly?? - Ivan would have been livid / would never stand for such a thing, but.. I appreciate your situ, so happy to 'make a deal' / cap this off..) I've sent a PM about this, already, and it needs to be answered, Please.

    I was trying to keep this all in PM / not in 'public', but, since people are responding, before this propagates any further, I must 'Officially' advise that sale of hardware is one thing, but ANY AND ALL EFFORTS TO SELL LASERIUM® SHOW CONTENT / SOFTWARE, MUST STOP DEAD IN ITS' TRACKS RIGHT NOW.

    Further details, please See here:

    Thank You..
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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