i am modifying my beambox by replacing the lame greenie it has.
the beam box,as it comes new, is varianced of course, but it has no shutter.
in another thread someone referred to uk standards for shutters coming from a time before blanking or before it was common in show lasers.
this leads me to think the cdrh safety standard for this dmx controlled beam box relies on blanking and the blackout button and or the power switch on the dmx controller/lightboard.
i am going to power the modulation for the new laser from the beambox circuitboard(probably from the same terminal that runs the original laser.)this will make the new laser blankable.
i will have the driver on the same power switch as the dmx board so in my mind this set up makes things just the same as before the mod.
i just hope the cdrh sees it the same way.
also,i will seal the enclosure for the new laser so there will be no quick access while the system is operating.
are there flaws in this reasoning?
any guesses as to what the cdrh might say to this?